Is this what you want your porch in SEC to look like?

This is what Camden Council are planning to put in our porches.

I asked Shamsul Alam, the man in charge at Camden Council, if they could try cleaning the original 1920s stone staircase we have in our porches before buying a job-lot of lino and was told that they had tried cleaning a staircase on another estate and didn’t have the desired results.

My personal opinion is that I would dearly love them to try  cleaning one staircase in SEC so that we can see for ourselves if they have a different result. I’ve lived in SEC for 27 years and have never seen anyone from the council attempt a deep-clean of the stairs.


You may not agree with me, but I think the lino looks cheap, tacky and badly laid.  People on other estates have told me that their lino, within months of being laid, is coming away from the staircases, etc which is obviously a hazzard.

WP_20140410_185 (note how well laid this lino is…not!)

So residents of SEC, what do you think?

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2 Responses to Is this what you want your porch in SEC to look like?

  1. Andrew Hobday says:

    I believe lino on the stairwell floors would be a big mistake and an unnecessary expenditure. I’ve seen examples in the past on other estates and once it starts to deteriorate it will blow, crack and become a dangerous eyesore. In the end the stone staircase does what it says on the tin and with a good clean will require low/no maintenance. Let’s keep it simple folks!


  2. Marjan Brazier says:

    I agree with Andrew Hobday. Let’s NOT have lino, just stick with what we have and at least try and clean the concrete


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