Update on staircases in SEC

Following several comments from residents in SEC, some of whom who don’t have access to the internet, regarding Camden’s plan to put Lino on our staircases I have requested that Camden send a survey to all residents before doing so.

I have also asked that the photographs which featured on my last blog, which were sent to me by the man in charge giving a clear indication of the standard of work we can expect, be printed on the survey for everyone to see.

I can only urge you to respond to this survey if, like myself and many others, you too would like to see an example of what a staircase would look like if Camden had them professionally cleaned, before the decision to go ahead with Lino is made.

On another note, our porch has been left covered in dust for a week now, ever since the ceilings were sanded down without dust sheets being laid. Are any of you living with the same mess in your porch? Not blaming the caretaker here at all.  It should have been cleaned by the contractors.

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