An update on porches in SEC

In response to my request for a survey to be carried out with regards to lino being laid in the porches of SEC…

I was advised by Shamsul Alam of Camden Council that he was going to write to all residents to invite them to a drop-in session in September to look at samples of vinyl flooring. I replied informing him that, from experience, drop-in sessions don’t work as very few people actually attend them. I again urged him to do a survey, including the photographs below which give a good indication of the poor standard of work carried out in other estates.

I also requested better lines of communication from the contractors doing the work having been left with a dust covered porch for two weeks and no sign of any further work taking place ( miraculously our porch was cleaned immediately following my complaint) . Thankfully it appears that the request has been listened to as letters have been appearing on our notice board informing us of when the work will resume.

Following a further email to Shamsul requesting a reply to my request for a survey, he has now replied with the following;

“I will be arranging a specialist contractor to carry out a trial cleaning of the concrete area in one of the staircases once the walls are decorated to see what difference this will make.

I will be writing to all the residents of the estate within the next few giving them an opportunity to view the trial area and to see samples of the vinyl flooring and decide on their preferred options. My preference would be to write to all the residents enclosing a voting form which they can either drop through the letter box that will be within the estate or e-mail it to the RLO.”



WP_20140410_185 (double click on this image to see how well laid this lino is…not!)

I have made my personal opinion known. I think the lino looks cheap and tacky. I also have concerns following reports from other estates where their lino looks a mess after a few months. I also believe it would be such a shame to turn our love 1920s built buildings into a carbon copy of other estates. I’m a leaseholder but I want to assure you that my opinions have nothing to do with trying to cut the cost of the bill I will inevitably be given by Camden. I simply care about where I live.

Again, I can only urge you to respond to this survey once you receive it. In the meantime, I’m adding a poll for those of you who read this blog.



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