Redecoration of SEC – when will it end????

Porch 1 Porch 2 Porch 3

I’ve written to Camden this morning and sent them these photos.

This is how our porch has looked for the last two weeks, since the walls were painted magnolia. The black skirting remains untouched.

I’m getting a fed up with stepping out of my front door to this mess as are a few other residents I’ve spoken to. Not loving the fact that we still have ‘swirls’ on the wall but there was nothing we could do about that as you know. But I’d just like them to get the job done and dusted now so we can all get back to living normally again.

I’ll let you know when I hear back from the council.

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WELCOME to South End Close - a blog for about the community who live here in South End Close, Hampstead, London and for the community by P. Reid
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