The redecoration of communal areas in SEC

The work started in our porch on the 8th August 2014 as I discovered when I came home from work to a completely dust covered hallway where the ceilings had been sanded down.

The workers eventually came back and painted the walls in magnolia and then, at a later stage, the skirting was repainted in black. Obviously the colour choice was a majority vote and was exactly the same as the previous decor, but at least the hallway looked cleaner.

And then…nothing…

for weeks and weeks and weeks….

Yes, left with nothing but a plastic covered porch and porch door until… 24th November!!! Three months of leaving the flat everyday to the hallway featured in my attached videos with the once neatly laid plastic now ripped and torn. However, according to the notice placed on the noticeboard in our porch, work in our block was due to be completed w/c 27th October.

It was only on Monday morning, yes this week,  that workers reappeared and when I left in the morning they were painting the staircase banisters. This was followed by different workers appearing yesterday who were painting the metal grills. I asked them if they were going to be varnishing the wooden handrails too and was told that other workers would be taking care of that but they weren’t sure when. Thankfully the plastic floor-covering was also removed.

I have attached videos, which I took last week, showing what we have been left to live in since August which I think is unacceptable and I feel the people in charge, who may be unaware of our situation, should see this.


Also, here’s a few questions:

1) Why is it that, with very few workers on this job, they didn’t start and finish one porch before moving on to the next instead of leaving us living like this? When the work started there seemed to be loads of workers on site but this quickly diminished to 4 or 5. I have spoken to several of them who told me that they think the way the works have been run is, in their words, stupid and they are fed up as they keep getting taken away from SEC to do jobs elsewhere.

2) Will the care-taking bill for leaseholders be reduced as we haven’t had any cleaning done in our porch since August? Perhaps they can pay me for picking up several bits of rubbish left over the last few months?

3) Why was there no notification to residents that the work was delayed?

4) Presumably the planned final invoice will be reduced to reflect the inconvenience caused to us all? I can hear you all laughing out loud right now!

Please forward any comments you have.

Thank you.


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4 Responses to The redecoration of communal areas in SEC

  1. Ella says:

    The painters propped open the automatic entrance door which now fails to close. Windows were also left wide open to assist with the drying/airing process, however I think the painters were not shown how to operate the locks correctly and have forced them, windows that had previously closed perfectly well now do not. I have manged to close them (after quite a bit of time fiddling with the mechanism) to keep the cold out as a temporary measure, but they will need repairing alongside the door. Did any other block have this trouble?
    Also the windows and frames are very grubby, even more noticibly so now the paint work is clean, are there any plans for cleaning these?

    Thank you,
    Resident from block D


    • Hello,

      Thank you for your update. I hope that it encourages more residents in SEC to share their experiences. In this way Camden Council will hopefully listen to any concerns we have and ensure that, in future, more care and attention is taken with the work that takes place where we live.

      I have sent your comments on to the relevant people at Camden Council whom I have been dealing with on these works and will let you know as soon as I receive a response.

      Very best wishes,



  2. Marjan Brazier says:

    The door frames in our porch have not been painted. I have no idea why. When I asked one of the men, he said he wasn’t sure if the would be done. How on earth can you NOT paint the door frames. They are part of the porch for goodness sake. Ao the door surround of the entrance has not been painted and looks dreadful. The whole project has been a total mess and disaster. It is unbelievable what is /is not happening. It is an absolute disgrace that my rent money is being used this way


  3. Hi Marjan,

    I have received the following response to your message from Camden Council and am hoping to have further response to all other queries by the end of the week.

    Best wishes,


    ‘With regards to the additional comments from the resident of Block B regarding the door frames I can confirm the communal door and frames will be decorated as part of the works.

    The door surround will also be decorated as part of the works. As a trial I have asked the contractors to strip one of the door surrounds removing years of paint and filler to bare timber, carry out splice repair at the bottom of the frames and redecorate. Once the door surround has been decorated, and we are happy with the standard of the finish, I will instruct the contractor to proceed with the decoration works to the rest of the door surrounds and doors.’


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